Affiliate networks are an integral part of running a successful affiliate program. An affiliate marketing network serves as a platform to connect marketers in the form of:

1. Merchants - Brands or stores that sell products directly to customer
2. Publishers/ Affiliates - These can be bloggers, influencers, and content creators
3. Affiliate Networks - Networks host the marketplace wherein publishers and merchants can partner up and access affiliate marketing tools. These networks make a profit for successful transactions within the network.
4. Agencies - These agencies may provide marketing services to merchant clients


An affiliate marketing network is essentially a secure marketplace where a group of companies help each other generate leads, increase product awareness, and drive business growth. This is primarily done through the cross-promotion of deals. Publishers and affiliates promote products or deals offered by merchants or agencies and earn a profit for every successful sale. On the other hand, the merchants and agencies are able to reach a wider audience and earn more conversions by strategically building their own network of affiliates.


Marketing agencies like PartnerForward work directly with merchants that want to explore affiliate marketing opportunities but don’t have an in-house team to handle the process. These agencies can handle multiple accounts at once, providing dedicated managers with the task of developing programs that meet the merchants’ business needs and goals. If you own a business and would like to leverage influencers and affiliates, signing up with an agency comes with a handful of benefits. For instance, if you partner up with PartnerForward:

1. We take care of all the work.

Working with an agency is beneficial for merchants and businesses that are just starting out with affiliate marketing. Huge merchants also benefit from working with an agency because it allows them to focus on driving their business without missing out on opportunities in affiliate marketing by leaving it to capable hands. Your agency can handle link tracking, creatives, newsletters, outreach, and so much more--so you can focus on what you do best.

2. We save you money.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you’re bound to make mistakes that can sometimes cost you a lot of money. By trusting a professional team with a good track record and a history of successful affiliating marketing campaigns. Agencies also have all the tools and instruments ready that merchants only have to pay a flat fee, with no integration and monthly fees.

3. We value close, long-lasting relationships.

Agencies provide merchants with dedicated support and regular reporting to keep you up-do-date on active programs. We at PartnerBoost can also provide published introductions and present you with unique opportunities within your affiliate network.


If you have an affiliate marketing in-house team, the biggest challenge would be starting out from scratch in terms of outreach and starting new partnerships. You have the option to join an affiliate marketing platform but this could prove to be more costly if you want one with all the features you need. And in some cases, picking the right platform can be tricky because these aren’t customized according to your exact needs.

Merchants and publishers can get marketing results faster if they join an affiliate network with an established database of affiliates, retailers, and merchants. These networks are trusted by merchants and affiliates who sign up to be part of the network themselves. You skip the outreach part altogether because the platform is already there. Picking an affiliate network is so much easier because all you have to do is look at the features and benefits to decide which one works for you.


Before we move on to our list of the best affiliate networks out there, we give you some guidelines on how you can choose the most ideal affiliate network for your business. These are some of the things you should look at:

1.User interface/AI - The whole look and feel of the user interface matters. Choose a network with an intuitive interface that doesn’t require a rocket scientist to navigate.

2.Features - You need to join a network that allows for flexibility. Look at features for creating product feeds, custom links, performance tracking, and how easy it is to sign up. Is the marketplace easy to browse and are you able to join multiple programs at once? How often do you get paid and which payment method does the network use?

3.Amount of Merchants/Verticals - Different networks often specialize in specific categories so you must sign up with one that matches your brand and industry

4.Amount and Variety of Publishers/Affiliates - This information is advertised by the networks on their the official website

5.Reporting - Your affiliate marketing dashboard should come with a feature where you can track and monitor the performance of your products

6.Cost - Setting up an account with an affiliate network would normally cost a one-time fee of anywhere between $500 to $2000.

7.Integration ease/speed - This is another important feature especially if you’re handling multiple affiliate accounts with various networks or platforms. Or if there are marketing tools that you prefer to use, you can find out if the network allows integration with these.

8.Customer Service/Tech Support - A responsive customer support team is very important for when you need assistance navigating the affiliate network


1. ShareASale

ShareASale is a web-based affiliate marketing platform offering the latest technologies, comprehensive solutions, and responsive customer support. Catering to merchants targeting local and international markets, ShareASale features a dashboard with tons of powerful features including a real-time click tracker, API integration, detailed reporting, and a library of affiliate resources. Features also include affiliate segmentation, custom link creation, multiple stores connect, and a program training tool.

For affiliates, ShareASale also makes available educational resources for learning new skills and discovering affiliate marketing partners that match their needs and goals.


AWIN has been the Industry Choice of Network in the UK for several years. The global affiliate network has 100,000 publishers and 13,000 advertisers from over 180 countries. It offers an intuitive platform with proprietary technology, as well as expert and specialist account management and support. The user dashboard is intuitive and easy to navigate with a handy filter option, which saves time and lets users discover the most suitable programs.

3. Rakuten

Rakuten Marketing has been voted #1 Affiliate Marketing Network for seven consecutive years. The network has expansive reach with partnerships in major markets around the world including China, Russia, Taiwan, and Korea. Rakuten has about 1,000 merchants from all verticals in its network, with many big name brands in the US including Walmart, Macy’s, and Best Buy. Rakuten has built a team of experts to manage a specialized influencer program. Partners are given a personalized experience with an intuitive dashboard, which even allows partners to rotate ads without the need for an external app.

4. CJ Affiliate

CJ affiliate is a leader in affiliate marketing networks, effectively facilitating partnerships between advertisers and publishers from around the world. The network has about 70,000 publishers and 4,000 elite global brands across a huge range of verticals and geographic locations. The network features brand and consumer personalizations and omni-channel and cross-device tracking. These include a deep link generator bookmarklet that makes generating links so convenient and easy.

5. Impact

Impact offers a powerful affiliate management platform, with thousands of global leading brands in its network. Deploying programs is easy and straightforward with the help of available tech tools and a dynamic support team. Impact offers an “all-in-one” affiliate marketing platform that features cross-device tracking, fraud protection, and comprehensive reporting.

6. Pepperjam

Affiliate marketing solutions provider Pepperjam provides access to category-defining affiliate lifecycle marketing platform, called Ascend, for advertisers seeking a scaled alternative to their existing marketing and sales channels. Brands can build custom networks and maximize returns on affiliate marketing investment.

7. AvantLink

Avantlink applies a stricter vetting process to promote high quality partnerships within its network. Premium partnership opportunities are available via three country-specific affiliate networks under AvanLink: US, Canada, and Australia. The AvantLink platform, Enhance, features a suite of high-conversion tools and robust reporting features that provide an enhanced user experience.

8. FlexOffers

Flexoffers started out as a sub-network but has since expanded to their PublisherPro affiliate marketing network. The network features over 12,000 advertising programs spanning a wide range of retail categories. Advertisers pay FlexOffers a flat amount or a percentage of their commissions and can get monthly payouts for a monthly minimum commission of $25.

As stated by its name, FlexOffers allows for flexibility in the form of API integrations and customized solutions such as allowing advertisers to choose content delivery methods. It also assigns a dedicated account manager for every publisher.

9. Linkbux

Linkbux is a one-stop affiliate network that caters to publishers and online influencers with over 19,000 high-quality affiliate programs established from more than 15 international affiliate networks. It offers a unified network that makes it convenient for brands to discover new partnerships. Linkbux specializes in helping partners find the most profitable partnerships with weekly top 100 merchants and an integrated dashboard for pulling all relevant sales data. Campaigns can be optimized in real-time so partners can leverage new opportunities as soon as they come.

10. LinkHaitao

LinkHaitao is a leading cross-border affiliate marketing network that started out with the mission to introduce foreign merchants to Chinese consumers. Founded in 2014, the network has since expanded to 15,000 global e-commerce partners including Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and more, as well as 46,000 active publishers across several categories. The network also provides customized account management and access to China’s largest shopping forum under 55Haitao Group.

11. Shoplooks

Shoplooks is a performance-based influencer marketing platform that caters in large part to content creators and brands in the fashion and beauty industry. Registration is invite-only so that brands are given access only to high-quality publishers and established influencers. Apart from its fast-growing influencer network, Shoplooks also offers fully integrated marketing solutions to support the growth of all its partners.

12. PartnerBoost

PartnerBoost is an all-in-one partnership management platform where brands can access affiliate marketing software and solutions that will enable them to easily forge partnerships for scaling marketing campaigns. The network features thousands of programs centered around influencer marketing, brand ambassadors, referrals, affiliate marketing, and more. Partners can also track the entire customer journey across all devices with customizable multi-touch attribution technology. The network also fosters proactive collaborations through direct communication.

Other Networks

1. LinkConnector

LinkConnector is an affiliate marketing network where online merchants can grow brand awareness, revenue, and their customer base on a pay-per-performance basis. The network hosts many exclusive brands to whom it offers progressive marketing solutions and innovative technologies. LinkConnector is free to use and offers an extensive suite of technologies for advertising, conversion and analytics, tracking, privacy, and so much more.

2. Partnerize

Partnerize offers affiliates vast opportunities to connect with leading brands, leveraging real-time technologies and data and top global programs. The network features the Brand Discovery dashboard that allows partners to explore and join global campaigns. Partnerize also features AllTrack software which allows marketers to determine where they drive conversions and finetune their web, PC, and mobile campaigns.

Best Affiliate Networks for Europe

1. Tradedoubler

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2. Webgains

Webgains is one of the world’s fastest-growing affiliate marketing networks in Europe. Based in Spain, the network has partnered with several major brands including Yves Rocher, Tesco Mobiles, and Cadbury’s. Webgains offers an impressive combination of advanced, user-friendly technology and personalized account management services. The network has about 1,800 advertisers and 250,000 publishers in its database.

3. TradeTracker

TradeTracker is a pay-per-performance, award-winning network that offers bigger exposure to brands with its database of reputable affiliates. The network promotes a simple application process, dedicated account managers, and a range of support services. Its affiliate marketing platform features Real Attribution, Mobile Metrics, and Admonitor, among other useful tools. TradeTracker has 5,000 registered merchants and 250,000 active publishers.

4. Affiliate Future

Affiliate Future is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks in the UK. It also operates on a pay-per-performance basis to hundreds of advertisers spanning from SMEs to top international brands. Based in London, Affiliate Future was one of the pioneer networks in the industry, having been established in 1999. The extensive network features around 300,000 publishers. Affiliate Future offers extensive reporting tools in its dashboard and makes publisher recommendations to partner brands.

Best Affiliate Networks for MENA

1. DCM Network

DCM Network is one of the most trusted affiliate networks in the MENA region, running exclusive affiliate programs for many sought-after brands from around the world. The company promotes simple and transparent marketing to its partners, with efficient reporting and analysis tools. Signing up with DCM is completely free. Fees are based on registered conversions. Advertisers are also offered real-time data and measurement tools for tracking mobile campaigns.

2. CPX Affiliate

CPX Affiliate offers a uniquely flexible payout model where affiliates can earn per sale, per lead, per order, and other customized options. It claims to be the highest paying network in GCC. CPX connects advertisers with a diverse set of audiences in the MENA region through a network of influential publishers, which go through a rigorous approval process. It also offers end-to-end services, from campaign planning and marketing research to performance tracking and payments.

3. ArabClicks

ArabClicks offers cost effective, low-risk, performance-based services to advertisers and affiliates within its network. Partners can leverage the network’s strong connections with leading Arabic and English influencers for increasing brand awareness and driving sales. ArabClicks also features API integrations, web services, and an advanced toolbox on a most feature-rich interface.

4. AffSquare

AffSquare offers a powerful ecommerce affiliate network where advertisers can expand customer reach with risk-free affiliate programs. There are no required upfront payments and advertisers only have to pay fees based on performance. The AffSquare Dashboard features detailed reports and updates for tracking products and measuring sales across affiliate channels.


1. Refersion

Refersion is an affiliate and influencer management platform that is most ideal for e-commerce brands. It features a wide range of integrations including Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more. Refersion also integrates with influencer platforms like Upfluence. The platform allows publishers some flexibility in setting up payment details and assigning affiliate requirements.


TUNE offers full-service partner management, integrations, comprehensive payment processing, and powerful tools that advertisers can use for building profitable affiliate partnerships. The platform integrates with any mobile network, with no hidden costs and commission fees. TUNE highlights its high standards in system and data security.

3. GoAffPro

GoAffPro is an influencer and affiliate marketing platform that provides easy integration for Shopify stores. The platform offers multi-level network advantage to brands, who can “turn customers into partners” with integrated partner portals and incentives-driven marketing. The platform makes it easy for customers to share product links to their products on social media.

4. Everflow

Everflow is an award-winning affiliate marketing platform and full-service agency offering powerful tracking tools and affiliate manager training. It offers a wide range of programs particularly in the finance, insurance, retail, e-commerce, and online gaming verticals. Ad networks are given access to a customizable platform for scaling affiliate, mobile, and lead generation campaigns.

5. Affiliatly

Affiliatly mainly provides tracking software designed for integration with Shopify and other ecommerce platforms. Platform features are pretty straightforward and it’s easy to set up for both merchants and customers. Pricing starts at only $16 a month. Brands can sign up for a free trial.

6. Dovetale

Dovetale claims to be an all-in-one tool for Shopify merchants to build profitable relationships with affiliates. Store owners can recruit, manage, and grow sales with customers who sign up as affiliates. Users can sign up and integrate their Shopify stores with the platform for free. Through Dovetale, merchants can partner with creators and influencers, send gifts and discounts to their respective affiliate communities, and track affiliate sales.


CAKE is a powerful performance marketing software that features affiliate marketing and lead generation tools for advertisers, publishers, and affiliate networks. It also offers multi-channel marketing and performance tracking tools to help partners manage and measure their programs, as well as optimize performance for profitability.
Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the best ways to monetize website traffic. If you have products or services to promote, find an affiliate marketing network or platform that is the perfect fit. A lot of brands use more than one network or platform to maximize returns. When choosing a network, look at the features and convenience it offers in terms of integration and ease of use.