So you’ve set up your e-commerce store and now you’re looking to increase your sales. Or it could be that your shop has been online for a while and you’d like to know what else you can do to boost traffic. Let’s discuss some of the most effective marketing strategies that you may consider to effectively reach customers who are interested in your products and boost your profitability:

1. Interactive content

Online shoppers are more likely to make a purchase if it’s easier for them to visualize your product. About 84% of shoppers have made a purchase decision after watching a product video and 96% of consumers reported a significant increase in time spent watching videos in the last year. Video and interactive visual content like live selling, tutorials, and so on can be great tools for conversions on your online store.

2. Chat marketing strategy

A chat marketing strategy would help you engage with prospective and repeat customers via apps including Messenger and SMS. If done right, it can drive revenues and help with customer retention. Messenger, for example, has an 80% open rate and 56% click-through rate. Also, 98% of users open SMS messages.

3. Promotional giveaways

Hosting product giveaways is a fun and engaging means of spreading awareness about your brand or products. Shoppers like to share giveaway events with friends and family. You can gain more followers and subscribers with these referrals and your giveaway event even has the potential to go viral.

4. Exclusive dealsUnderstand your market

Never take for granted the value brought by repeat customers. This is why offering exclusive deals to users who already have a history of making a purchase on your online store. The challenge is offering them attractive deals at the right time. For example, you can offer discount codes or weekly offers through chat or email. The best times to engage repeat customers with enticing deals would often be after the first purchase or when a customer makes a purchase within a specified amount. You can also tap customers who haven’t shopped in a while or initiate exclusive offers on birthdays or holidays.

5. Organic post promotion

Promoting organic posts can be an effective strategy that requires minimal investment. If you’re launching Facebook ads, for example, you can just take organic posts that perform better than others and Boost this post to target a specific audience. This way, you no longer have to spend time crafting an ad from scratch.

6. Build a community

Many brands that have made it big have successfully built a community surrounding their products. Nike has a community around its fitness apps and Sephora has a community for beauty enthusiasts. If you’re in a relatively competitive industry, building a community can be the way to carve a space in the niche for your business. Starting a Facebook group where users can gain access to exclusive deals and information can be a great way to start.

7. Optimize for SEO and design

Your product descriptions and pages are the first things customers see when they arrive at your website. You want to capture their attention by making these as compelling, interesting, informative, and visually appealing as possible. Optimizing text with relevant keywords can drive more traffic from the search engines while making design and content enhancements will capture the interest of prospective customers.

8. Holiday season strategy

Special holidays are peak seasons for retail and you want to prepare a strategy for major shopping events early. Look at your annual calendar and pick seasons or holidays when you’d want to promote heavily. Plan content and offers early and set aside a significant amount of your marketing budget for holiday promotions.

9. Abandon Cart recovery

About 79.17% of online shoppers abandon their carts online. Turn these abandoned carts into prospective sales by taking steps such as getting rid of hidden costs upon checkout, following up with Live Chat, SMS, or Messenger within 24 hours, or re-marketing the products with custom audience targeting.

10. Customer service

You can apply all the marketing automation software but nothing bears a human touch. Sometimes, all that sets the most successful brands apart from equally amazing competitors is the level of customer service they offer to their customers. A customer service team might be costly but there are other avenues by which you can offer a seamless shopping experience to customers. You can provide comprehensive product guides, publish FAQs pages, or use chatbots to quickly answer any customer queries.
Bear these top e-commerce marketing strategies in mind and set yourself up for success. You can always hire the services of a marketing agency like PartnerForward, which have the expertise in implementing the most effective marketing strategies for your business. Know more about our services. Contact us today to discuss marketing strategies that you think can benefit your business.